Wind Energy

Precise cutting results in core kits with fewer parts, and parts that fit with minimal gaps, resulting in increased structural integrity and reduced resin consumption. Since every kit is cut precisely, your assembly time is dramatically reduced. Your manufacturing team will have fewer parts to handle and no fit at assembly work. While it often takes hours to assemble our competitors’ core kits, you can assemble a wind blade core kit from Creative Foam in minutes.


When you partner with Creative Foam, you benefit from our decades of automotive supplier experience. Simply put, the automotive industry is one of the most technically challenging markets for a supplier. From the quality of the kits we manufacture, to our unmatched customer service, and our automotive supplier processes and systems, you get the experience of working with a supplier motivated to make our product fit your needs precisely. Our quality certifications include: TS-16949, ISO- 9001-2008, ISO-14001.

Mass Transportation 

When making products to get many people from point A to point B safety and quietness are almost always of utmost importance.  When you partner with Creative Foam you can be sure that we have the experience necessary to work with your engineers to create a solution that will meet your needs.  Whether you make buses, commuter trains or aircraft we understand the unique standards and challenges associated with your products and will deliver the exact solution you need.


We provide you with the highest level of customer service and engineering support. Your initial core kit is always accompanied by our engineering team who remains onsite while your team assembles the kit. We then use the knowledge gained to make any necessary adjustments to future kits. This attention to detail eliminates the need for customer handwork, resulting in reduced customer manufacturing costs.

Other Capabilities


With our in-house CAD technicians we can take even the most complex spec sheets and create quick prototypes that will have the strength, light-weight properties and tight tolerances you're looking for.


No band saws and butter knives here – at Creative Foam we use CNC machines to cut all of our core kits. Use of precision cutting equipment means each kit consists of fewer pieces, resulting in quicker assembly. Unlike hand cut kits, our state-of-the-art CNC machining centers allow us to make the same part every time, for precise panel fit and seamless joining.

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